Add Distance.  Play More Golf.  Avoid Pain.

I'm Ready to Move Better and Swing Better

Your Golf Goals are More Achievable Than Ever

Imagine a world where you knew exactly what to work on to achieve the goal you want for your game with zero guesswork.

That's the power of the Move Better Swing Better program: designed to eliminate guesswork by evaluating your physical limitations which may be affecting your golf swing.

By working with millions of people, we now have data that supports not just if, but exactly how your body can impact your swing (for better or for worse).

Created by the ONLY certified Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Fitness 3, Power, Junior, and Golf 2 Coach and National Academy of Sport Medicine Golf Fitness Specialist in the Midwest, the same science that is used with PGA, LPGA, MLB, and NFL pros is now available to you and your golf game!

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Assess, Don't Guess

The Level 1 Screen is used to assess your movement, which may affect the way you swing the club and overall mechanics. The Fitness & Power Screens will identify areas of your game that will improve performance and prevent injury.

Individualized for Your Game

You may need more focus on mobility, or stability, speed or perhaps power.   The beauty of the Initial Assessment is that you'll know exactly what you need to work on to elevate your game, and allow us to design a program specifically for you and your body.

Fuel for Game

Your body will respond best and recovery fastest when fueled correctly.  To boost results and optimize performance, you'll work 1-on-1 with a Sports Performance Nutrition Coach to help you reach your true potential and help your body feel its best.

Be Better from Anywhere

Our state-of-the-art app and software allows you to complete your Move Better Swing Better program from anywhere. You'll have your fitness routine, pre-/post-round routine, and golf performance drills available to you on any mobile device.

You can get as mad as you want,

but at the end of the day, every single sport is progressing in some way or the other." - Justin Thomas

With the evolution of golf fitness over the last few years, the sport of golf is evolving at an alarming rate...and it doesn't involve a new club or new golf balls year after year.

It involves the human body - the only thing left in the sport of golf with untapped potential (and it can't be regulated like equipment can).

There's only so much new equipment can do, and that new $500 driver won't fix that $1 swing.

It's time to start putting your investment into something that lasts longer than the next new club: your body!

This is your chance to work on your golf fitness to improve your game and boost your longevity in the sport.

Imagine being able to generate more clubhead speed on any club, be more flexible, recover better between rounds, and feel the best you've felt in years.

There's not a piece of equipment out there that can do all that, but your body can!

PGA Pro James "Jim" Kjellenberg calls golf fitness, "The final frontier of golf."

You now have a choice: journey into this final frontier of golf with the TPI team as we help your body move better so you can swing better...or choose the typical route and get left behind!

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I joined Unity nearly two years ago 40 pounds overweight and needing a change in my life and routine.  My first goal was to lose the weight, which I did in 4 or 5 months.  The second goal was to use this new fitness to improve my golf game.

Usually, people in their mid to late 40's lose mobility and their game suffers - mine did the exact opposite, and I had the best year and lowest handicap I've ever achieved (from an 8.5 to 3.6).

I recently started the "Move Better Swing Better" program here at Unity and am excited with the progress so far.  My swing speed has increased, my flexibility continues to get better and I'm gaining distance on my shots.

My goal is to gain at least 10 yards per club in this program.  I believe I've already achieved this (according to the monitors).  I can't wait to see what the next 2 months bring and am very much looking to take it to the course this spring.

My ultimate goal is to be playing in tournaments alongside the "young" guys and competing.  Here's to the next step in making that happen.

- Aaron "A-Aron" K., also lowered his TPI Fitness Handicap from a 28 to an 8


Unity's Move Better Swing Better program provides top-notch coaching and programming hitting the key areas of your body to improve your golf swing.

No matter what level of golfer you are, the program will help you maximize your body's golf swing potential!

- Dr. Matt Haberl, DPT Dynamic Physiotherapist, TPI Certified Physiotherapist

By the End of Move Better Swing Better, You'll:

  • Have more flexibility and range of motion

  • Have added distance to every club

  • Improve your balance and core strength

  • Gain lean muscle to help stabilize your joints for consistent speeds

  • Be able to play more golf, and better golf!

I'm Ready to Move Better and Swing Better

The Move Better Swing Better Program:

The Move Better Swing Better "Spring Training" program is an 8-week program designed to maximize the human body for the sport of golf.

Using the principles of fitness training combined with research and knowledge from TPI, the program will not improve your health and fitness, but help your body reach peak potential for the upcoming golf season.

The customized program includes elements of targeted regeneration, mobility and flexibility, overall body strength and core strength, power and overspeed training.

We'll strengthen your core to help you stabilize your spine so you can swing faster without injury, strengthen your knees and balance for better transfer of force, and improve function of your shoulders to improve longevity of the sport.

Once the season starts, you'll be able to carry over everything we did for your movement onto the course.  You'll also have an option to continue into the season if you so choose.

James B.

I just played twice as many rounds as I normally do in a year and had next to no back pain, AND added about 25 yards to my drive.

That wouldn't have happened if I wasn't at Unity doing this program.

Nick D.

My experience has met all my goals and far exceeded my expectations on how much I enjoy it.

I have now worked with the Unity Team for a year with the goal of being able to golf more, complete landscaping projects, and other physically demanding tasks without my body hurting.

This summer I golfed over 100 rounds of golf, walking 90% of the rounds, and had little to no back pain at all.

In past summers I would struggle through spurts of lower back pain, only getting 40-50 rounds in, very few pain-free.  With the success and enjoyment, I experienced, my wife and both of my kids have joined me and are also working with the Unity Team, seeing results, and enjoying it.

Over the last 7 weeks, I have had the opportunity to focus the fitness work around my golf swing.  In only 7 weeks I am seeing a measurable result.  Measuring swing speed with the Speed Sticks, I have seen a 13 MPH gain in my swing speed.  Tracking this with a 7 iron in a simulator, I have gone from 90-94 MPH swings, hitting 168-175 yards to moving past 100 MPH swings and carrying the 7 iron 185-190 yards.

I notice new flexibility where I can get my club back to parallel again, for the first time in years.  This was validated in my year over year TPI screen where I improved my TPI fitness handicap by 13 (from a 36 to a 23).

Whether you want to get more distance from your swing, play more golf without pain, or just have a great time working on your fitness - I would highly recommend giving Unity a shot!

Move Better Swing Better Bonuses:

Warm-Up Guide

After talking, working, and observing hundreds of golfers, we found that very few know how to warm-up correctly.  Hint: it involves more than just a few twists and practice shots!  We'll show you to do it effectively and efficiently that you can do at home or on the course!

Indoor Driving Range Access

Get access to the indoor "La Crosse Golf Lab" at the Unity Fitness facility as part of your Move Better Swing Better program!  You'll be able to reserve times to work on your swing as we improve your movement!

Supplement Guide

There are thousands of supplements out there that claim to help you in some way, unfortunately most don't do a darn thing.  Our guide will help you sift through the BS and only worry about which supplements actually work for you and your specific golf and health goals!

Recovery Guide

You don't actually get results from training, but from recovering from training.  Therefore, you're only be as good as your recovery!  Our Guide will help you bounce back faster and avoid significant stiffness from doing what you love: playing golf!

I'm Ready to Move Better and Swing Better!

He said it...

Not only are the up and coming professionals using more and more of the TPI-based programs, but the stars you know and love are adopting it into their routine as well.

"...if you want longevity, TPI Certified Instructors are the best at that.  I would get one if you're really sincere about making 2021 the year of hitting bombs." - Phil Mickelson

Phil has completed changed his lifestyle and incorporated a fitness routine to help improve his overall quality of life, giving him longevity in the game as he continues to play at high levels with a 301.5-yard driver distance in 2020, showing the ability to reach +330 when needed.

(Pic courtesy of Phil at 51 (right) vs 36 (left))

The Move Better Swing Better program is great! I enrolled in the program from a complete couch-potato status; in fact the most exercise I’d done in the past year had been walking 18 holes. My fitness was non-existent, sedentary job and only sitting activities in the evening. Just the 1 1/2 hour fitness assessment was a workout for me! 

I dove into the program with gusto; starting right away and attending consistent workouts. For a Gen X-er like me it was a completely different way of working out compared to ‘training’ I’d done for sports in the 80’s. The Unity team designed an amazing program, incorporating total body elements of stretching, strength, agility and balance delivered through a one hour workout that definitely gets the heart & lungs pumping!

The first few workouts were a real hard climb, but always the next day I was never sore, just tired; there was never any area that felt overworked or exhausted. One day to recover and then I was truly ready for the next workout. 

The SuperSpeed Sticks Overspeed swing trainer is very intriguing; PGA pros have gotten fantastic results but it seems so simple! I can’t wait to hit the links to see real-world results, but my measured swing speeds have improved already. Overall, the Move Better Swing Better program was the perfect thing for me this off-season! Thanks so much to Jordan and Emily and Unity Fitness for a fantastic experience!

- Daren T., also dropped his TPI Fitness handicap down from a 28 to a 17!

Results.  Guaranteed.

Normally we do a 30-day Guarantee, but we're so confident in our Move Better Swing Better program we're giving you a 10-week Guarantee!

Most gyms are too afraid to put their money where their mouth is, but if you aren't able to gain speed on your swings and improve your TPI Fitness handicap after following the program, we'll pay you back your investment IN FULL.

I'm Ready to Move Better and Swing Better!
I'm Ready to Move Better and Swing Better